Present your latest research and breakthroughs at the 8th International Self-Determination Theory Conference!
Submissions have been closed for the 2023 SDT Conference.

Please read submission information below for guidelines

Important Dates

Submissions Open Tuesday, November 01, 2022
Submission Deadline CLOSED
Round 1 Decision Notifications
December 21, 2022
Round 2 Decision Notifications January 20, 2023
Scheduling Information Spring 2023

Submitting an Abstract

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  • Choose your Presentation Format 
    See presentation types below.
    • Some presentation formats have certain criteria.
    • Each individual is limited to presenting only one submission (including poster). However, you may be a coauthor on other presentations. 
    • Due to the number of submissions, unfortunately presenters may not get their first choice of presentation type, in which case the organizers will email you.  
  • Submit your Abstract
    Abstracts are limited to 200-words for posters and 300-words for all other presentations. Abstracts need to follow APA 7th Edition guidelines (please do NOT include keywords). Abstracts should be in final format and contain the specific goals of the study, methods, and a brief summary of the results and conclusions.
  • Check your Email Inbox
    First authors will receive a "Receipt of Submission" confirmation email once the submission is received. Please keep this for your records. If you do not receive a confirmation within 72 hours, contact us at [email protected]
  • Await Decision 
    Submissions will be reviewed by the conference committee with regard to scholarly/theoretical merit, soundness of methodology, relevance to SDT, clarity of presentation, significance to the empirical literature, and originality. Decision notifications will be sent to first authors by mid-to-late December 2022. 

Presentation Formats


An opportunity for any attendee to share research projects and results, poster sessions are a visual presentation where presenters discuss their SDT research and where attendees can ask follow-up questions of the presenter. 
How Long? Poster sessions are for 60-minutes and will take place every day of the conference. 
What is the Format? Presenters prepare a poster exhibit of high quality that can stand alone in conveying information. Specifications/dimensions on poster formatting will be posted here soon and emailed to presenter.
Who Can Submit? Any attendee 

Individual Talk

This is an individual, oral presentation that reports on significant SDT research in progress or completed scholarship, and may also include systematic reviews, methods development, and significant interventions/applications related to Self-Determination Theory. Individual talks will be grouped to comprise a panel around common themes/topic. 
How Long? Typically individual talks are 10-15 minutes with Q&A at end of session. 
What is the Format? Presenters prepare a high-quality oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint slide deck. 
Who Can Submit? Attendees with PhD degree or professional experience equivalent. 

Rapid Talk (also known as a Data Blitz) NEW!

This individual, oral presentation offers any attendee an opportunity to present their very best research at rapid speed. Rapid talks will be organized by common themes/topic so attendees can capture the span of the field in one session. Time for discussion at the end of session. 
How Long? 5-minutes in length. 
What is the Format? Presenters need to prepare a concise talk with minimum PowerPoint slides. 
Who Can Submit? Any attendee.  

Symposium (Group)

The content of symposia is scientific, providing a look into cutting-edge research within SDT. These sessions offer attendees the chance to hear four presentations from researchers in the field (inclusive of the chairperson) on a specific focus within SDT. The chairperson will be responsible for organizing the symposium and submitting an “overview” abstract as well as additional presenters’ abstracts.     
Special Instructions for Symposium Submission: 
The chair/organizer is responsible for submitting the following via the Submission Form:

  • Names of chair and three presenters listed as co-authors. 
  • One “Overview" abstract by the chair/organizer. 
  • Abstracts of co-presenters also need to be uploaded with the submission.
How Long? Precise time allocations will be announced upon development of the conference program/schedule.  
What is the Format? Presenters prepare a high-quality oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint slide deck. 
Who Can Submit? The organizer/chairperson should be a senior researcher or professional leader in the field. Organizers can include co-presenters finishing their PhD degree in 2023.


Other Programming Types

***The following program types will be designated based on individual presentations and/or interest. If you are interested in organizing a panel discussion or workshop, please email [email protected]

Panel Discussions (Group) NEW! 

This group presentation format focuses on bridging the gap between the theory, the science, and application. Panel discussions will be comprised of a leading SDT scholar within an applied field who will serve as moderator along with other presenters who are leaders from academia and industry. Sessions will be organized around an area of focus.


Workshops provide an intensive focus on a specific topic allowing attendees to get an in-depth learning experience. These sessions are not intended to be a presentation but rather an opportunity for attendees to acquire skills and/or expand practice or research knowledge. Workshops can include various formats, including overview presentations, hands-on activities and demonstrations, roundtable discussions, etc. We highly suggest that there be two co-chairs who facilitate the workshop.

We look forward to reviewing your presentation submission!