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When Do I Present?
See the Schedule on the Program Details page or on the Conference App to determine the date and time of your session.

What is the Format?
All presenters prepare a high-quality oral presentation accompanied by a MicroSoft PowerPoint slide deck. NOTE: Wifi /Internet will NOT be guaranteed. We ask that you do not incorporate components into your slide deck that need Wifi/Internet connection.     

When and How To Submit My Slides?
We unfortunately cannot upload speaker presentations onsite since our program is the fullest yet with minimum transition time, and we're a small organizing team. So, we ask that all speakers upload their final PowerPoint presentation (e.g. .ppt or .pptx) to this secure Dropbox folder below no later than May 26th.


  • Individual Talks
    Example: Hoefen_Shannon_IndividualTalk1A_05-31-23.pptx
  • Rapid Talks
    Example: Hoefen_Shannon_Rapid Talk2B_06-01-23.pptx
  • Symposia
    Example: Hoefen_Shannon_Symposiaum3C_06-02-23.pptx

  • Keynotes
    Example: Hoefen_Shannon_Keynote6A_06-03-23.pptx

  • Workshops
    Example: Hoefen_Shannon_Workshop1D_05-31-23.pptx


  • Arrive in your scheduled meeting room at least 8 minutes before your presentation to make sure your PPT is on the computer, to introduce yourself to the session facilitator and get settled.
  • Your presentation will be loaded on the computer in session room in a folder named for the day of your presentation.
  • Should there be any issues, there will be an onsite technical team to handle probelms and equipment such as logging into presentation computers,  sound systems, and microphones.
  • Computers in session rooms are Windows-based PCs, using the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Speakers will not be permitted to load their slide presentation at time of session or to use their personal computers. If presenters have extenuating circumstances that require a replacement of their uploaded presentation during the conference, you need to notify conference staff IN PERSON to receive instructions by 5:00 pm the day before your presentation.
  • For Individual and Rapid Talks, please introduce yourself at the beginning of your talk. 

Individual Talks

An individual, oral presentation that reports on significant SDT research in progress or completed scholarship, and may also include systematic reviews, methods development, and significant applications related to SDT. Individual talks are grouped to comprise a panel around common themes. 

How Long?
Speaker Time: Each speaker gets 15 minutes, plus a 15-minute Q&A discussion with audience at end of session with all speakers.

Total Session Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes total (75 minutes) for 4 speakers in each session.

 75 minutes: 4 speakers x 15 minutes + discussion with audience of 15 minutes.

Rapid Talks (also known as Data Blitzes) 

This is an individual, oral presentation to present your very best research at rapid speed. Rapid talks will be organized by common themes so attendees can capture the span of the field in one session. 

Presenters need to prepare a concise talk accompanied by a MicroSoft PowerPoint slide deck with minimum PowerPoint slides.

How Long?

Speaker Time: Each speaker gets 5 minutes, plus a 20-minute Q&A discussion with audience at end of session with all speakers.

 Total Session Time: 1 hour for 5 speakers in each session.

 60 minutes: 5 speakers x 5 minutes + 20 minutes of discussion + 5 min transition time b/w presentations


Symposia are scientific, providing a look into cutting-edge research within SDT. These sessions, organized and chaired by SDT experts, offer attendees the chance to hear four presentations from leading researchers in the field on a specific focus within SDT. An additional discussant is optional. 

How Long?

Symposia will be 1 hour and 30 minutes with 4 speakers (discussant optional).

  • If you have a discussant, each speaker gets 15 mins + 15 min discussant time (in this case, your talk) + 15 min Q&A w/ audience 
  • If you do not have a discussant, each speaker gets ~18 mins + at least 15 min Q&A

 There is a required 15 minutes for Q&A/discussion with audience.


These are featured talks delivered by leading SDT experts. 

How Long?

Speaker Time: Each speaker gets 25 minutes, plus a 10-minute Q&A discussion with audience at end of session with all speakers.

Total Session Time: 1 hour for 2 speakers in each session.

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